The Beauty Beat: Week of 7-19-12

The Beauty Beat: Week of 7-19-12

Life is hectic and expensive for me these days. I wish I could get my hands on every fashion magazine on the newsstands, but time and money are precious. Luckily, sites like Pinterest and beauty bloggers allow me to keep on top of what’s hot in the beauty/skincare world without a dime out of my pocket.

Plus, these sources are skim-friendly. Not every post I come across is spectacular, but some really have made a difference in my routine or personal style. Below, I cover the stand-out beauty-related posts and share my two cents along with the original link.

Inspiration Pics

pink hair

Okay, I’ll never go through all the trouble required to make my hair look like this, but looking at it makes my inner Barbie smile. Found this one under the Pinterest user “Hair & Beauty”.


Blue Eyes

This look from Makeup and Dreams is dramatic yet flattering. I love how the blue liner on the lower lids opens up her eyes.  I want to try this!

eye liner

Yes! Thank you, 30 media. This changes everything. No more lumpy or uneven lines. The perfect cat-eye can be done.

eye makeup

Another dramatic yet refreshing eye look from Eye-Make-Up. Everything is perfect: the false lashes, the groomed and perfectly-arched brows, the graduation of color, and the highlighting. Well done!

sunset shadow shows off some awesome sunset inspired makeup. The lips look nice but the eyes are killer! I would love to wear this look to a party.


It’s not necessary to pay big bucks for flattering pigments and textures. At all the drugstore versions of your favorite high-end brands are listed and compared. I’m pleasantly surprised.


easy polish

This chick uses basic Aquaphor (or you could use Vaseline) to get an effortlessly perfect polish every time. Genius!

pink leapard

Alyssa Peters, or ’Nails’ on Pinterest, posted her awesome twist on leopard print nails. The gray-blue and salmon pink work surprisingly well together. It doesn’t look too difficult to imitate either. Just a coat of salmon pink, some gray-blue splotches dotted on top, and a nail art pen in black to trace the edges.

batman nails

Yes! Yes! I am pleased with this. Batman and pink are two of my favorite things. Thank you, My Opera!


hair mask

With the dry fall coming up, I need to get back into a routine of replenishing moisture to my hair. Most masks have like ten different ingredients and unnecessary filler, but this recipe is simple and clearly has everything you need for a nourishing hair treatment.

voluminous pony

I’m really bad at styling my hair and hesitant to work a ponytail because of my round face.  Fortunately, Hair Brained Beauty at Tumblr provides this step-by-step voluminous ponytail cheat sheet. This hairstyle is classy enough for work and school yet cute enough for a date. Love it.

braid pony

Another gorgeous, effortless ponytail from It looks great with a cute hairband.



Haven’t tried this one yet, but the blogger from claims it works as well at smoothing her skin as her previous professional treatments. Any chance to get the same results for the price of a box of baking soda is certainly intriguing.

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