Fashion Commentary: Cannes Film Festival 2012

Fashion Commentary: Cannes Film Festival 2012

Big, glamorous events like award shows and ceremonies always have their hits and misses. With all the frenzy of getting ready, including the expensive spa treatments, pancake makeup, hair styling, detox, and such I don’t blame celebrities for relying on fashion advisors for their formal attire. But even the most established designer or fashion expert can be wrong.

I think part of the fun of following formal fashion events is to see how far celebrities will go to stand out. Will they try to impress with excess Tiffany bling or dress in some ridiculous feathered nightmare? Read on for some fresh, honest commentary on the stunners and fashion fallouts.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

It’s not surprising to me that she keeps making the best-dressed list for this event. The transparent, beaded dress looked amazing and tasteful on her figure. The slim, curve-hugging fit, neat bodice, and ruffled bottom are a great throwback to old Hollywood 1940s’ glamour. Plus her hair is pulled back neatly so it doesn’t compete with the dress.

The only thing I would’ve changed is her lip color. The gloss she’s wearing has an opaque, metallic sheen that isn’t flattering on her skin tone and washes her out.  I think a rose-tint with a gold flecked gloss would’ve been perfect for bringing out her glow without overwhelming the smoky eye.

Freida Pinto

Frieda Pinto

Freida also made a lot of the best-dressed lists. I don’t really understand why, though. The shoes look kind of cheap and the skirt seems like it’s tucked into her underwear or something. The multicolored, sequined bodice just fuels the tackiness. The beehive hair doesn’t seem appropriate to the outfit either. She’s a lovely girl but I’m not a fan of this look on her.

Diane Kruger
Diana Kruger

Kruger stunned the crowds during the festival. I think the dress is a little too Grecian for my taste. I would’ve liked it better with a modern twist. I suspect that the reason she was such a show-stopper had more to do with her being gorgeous than her being wrapped in fancy bed sheets.

Rachel McAdams


This look is simple but refreshing! The rosebuds are a fresh touch to the fitted dress and the nude heels make her legs look so long.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

I adore this dress! Another 1940s’ Hollywood chic cut. The turquoise earrings add a brilliant finishing touch. Uma’s skin looks really fresh; looking about 10 years younger in this photo. I also love her sweet-looking tendrils.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Parker

Ugh! How did this monstrosity make the best-dressed list?!  I think people orient her so much with her Sex In the City character that they refuse to acknowledge her fashion failures.  This looks like something an artsy, goth chick made on Etsy.  Her makeup and skin look perfect though.

Reem Kherici


Do I even need to say anything? The bow-tie heels, micro-mini dress, Oompa-Loompa tan, big hair, and blue eye shadow come together to create a one of a kind look makes my head feel like it’s going to explode. Where were the fashion police?

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

The flowing cut of the skirt is beautiful, and the fit is perfect, but did she have to pick brown? The drabness of this dress belongs on the mediocre-dressed list.

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