Experts Tips on How to Diffuse Curly Hair without Frizz

Do you have curly hair? Are you facing so many hassles when drying and combing your hair? Do you end up with the frizzy and dry hair upon accessing regular hair dryer attachment? Well, it is time to change your drying habit. Yes! Instead of using a regular hair dryer, purchase and use the branded diffuser. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to diffuse curly hair, minimize frizz, and improves curl definition. Besides, you can achieve your dream bouncy and voluminous hair in a short time. When compared to air dry, it works much faster in drying your hair. All these major aspects, diffuser becomes a must-have essential in every curly hair girl’s wardrobe. diffuse curly hair

Why should access diffuser?

As mentioned already, diffuser is the vital hair tool in every curly girl wardrobe. It gives a perfect platform to stay away from the frizz and irregular curl pattern created by the blow dryer. This tool looks exactly like a normal dryer but comes with the diffuser attachment. It is designed in a way to dry curly hair smoothly and gently. At the same time, it reduces the frizz and structure of the hair. It helps you to create volume and perfectly curl pattern hair. However, use a diffuser on curly hair in the right way as it only brings the magic result.

Techniques to use the diffuser properly

Techniques and tips mentioned in the below section for diffusing hair will be beneficial for curly girls in all ways.
  • use the diffuserWash hair and apply some of your favorite styling products. Next, uses a curl towel to squeeze out excess water. It prevents frizz and gives a special touch to your hair pattern.
  • Always take a medium-sizes section of your hair and place the diffuser perfectly to get the best results. Remember you should bring diffuser up to the scalp and place in one place to dry the hair
  • Set up the speed based on your needs but experts suggest drying the hair at the low speed and low-medium heat. Holding about 30seconds allow your hair dry and repeat the same things for your whole hair.
  • Be patience when using the diffuser and then dry 80% of the hair only with this tool. Allow the rest to air dry and therefore you get a natural wave and curl.

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