Know Ways to Apply Nail Polish Without Streaks

Now, the majority of the women want to apply nail polish to enhance look and appearance of hands. People need to apply it with no streaks and ridges. Sometimes, in-home manicures also create streaks and ridges that make you to use nail polish remover. People can face issues frequently with pastel and white colors. You can gain soothing look of hands by apply nail polish streak free. You can achieve good-looking hands and improve beauty in a simple way.

Follow simple tips:

When it comes to applying nail polish with no fine lines, you can follow some tips to keep hands look. You can apply a shiny topcoat gives a positive effect to hand. You can properly prepare for nail, apply nail polish without streaks, and attain fine look. You can keep an eye on the simple tips and excellent for improving hands style and personality.
  • Dip a cotton ball in the remover and wipe nails completely. It is the best process for removing existing color nail polish in nails.
  • You can use cotton to remove dirt and oil on the surface of the nails. You can keep up nails fully clean.
  • Afterwards, you can wash your hands and keep them dry. It is necessary for people to check nails and eliminate tiny pieces and cotton strands on the nail.
  • You can apply ridge filling base coat to nails and let them dry for a few minutes. It is a great way to avoid streaking.
  • You can cover the nail with thin coat of required color. After painting, you can dip a brush into nail polish and apply them to nails.
  • People do not take time to dry them and apply nail polish very quickly. It is advising for women to manage brush always wet to prevent streak and ridges.
  • You can wait for a minute to polish nails to dry thoroughly. Again, you can apply a thicker coat of same color nail polish and dry them.
  • You do not apply nail polish frequently over the wet region and get rid of streaks easily.

apply nail polish


Therefore, you can follow simple tips and guidelines to stops streaks and ridges on nails. You can consider the above steps carefully and maintain nail without any streaks. You can apply nail polish evenly and keep out lines. You can manage smooth and opaque layer excellent for nails.

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